Lakeview Eyecare provides a comprehensive range of services for all your eyecare and eyewear needs.

Behavioural Optometry
We provide a
behavioural optometry service including children's eye testing and vision therapy.

Contact Lenses
We also provide complex contact lens fitting including
ortho-K, keratoconus and extended wear. Of course we can also provide fitting of daily disposable contact lenses too.

Fashion Frames
Our bespoke spectacle frame range is hand-selected by our staff. You can view a selection of our frames

Spectacle Lenses
We are also experts in custom
tailored spectacle lenses. We use the latest spectacle lens designs sourced from around the world including Germany (Rodenstock lenses), France (Essilor) and Australia (CR Surfacing).

Dry Eye Disease
We provide advice and treatment on dry eye disease, you can read more about that here.