Behavioural Optometry

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We take the vision of our kids seriously at Lakeview Eyecare, but at the same time we expect the kids to have fun.

As Behavioural Optometrists, we don't think "vision" ends at the bottom of the letter chart. We know that vision is a process that also involves the brain and body. There's no point being able to see a word if you don't know what it says!

Advanced Technologies

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At Lakeview Eyecare, we keep abreast of the latest technology in eye care.

Our OCT instrument allows us to do deep imaging of your retina and macula to detect eye diseases like glaucoma and macular degeneration.

We also use a visual fields analyser, retinal imaging and corneal topography to aid in diagnosis and treatment.


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Lakeview Eyecare has some of the latest in eyewear fashion. Being an independent allows us to hand-pick from the best fashions available from around the world.

If you're after something quirky, just a little different, or you're the conservative type, we are sure we can find the right frame for you.

We carry some of the world's best-known brands including Furla, Silhouette, Swarovski and Jaguar

Dry Eye

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"Dry eye" refers to a common condition where the surface of your eye does not stay lubricated. This can even happen if your eyes feel "watery".

We use advanced equipment to diagnose dry eye conditions, which allows us to provide individualised treatment for each person.

Contact Lenses & Orthokeratology

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Proper fitting of contact lenses requires specialised knowledge and access to the widest range of products available. If you just want to be able to go out for dinner without your glasses, just want to improve your sports performance, or go full-time glasses-free, contact lenses are a great option.

Orthokeratology (ortho-k for short) is a method of using contact lenses to temporarily reshape the surface of your eye overnight so you don't need to wear glasses or contact lenses during the day.

Individualised Spectacle Lenses

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While you may think that a pair of glasses just needs to be made "to your prescription" to work, in reality providing the best option to maximise your vision for your personal lifestyle requires knowledge and expertise. We have access to the widest range of products so we can match a product to you.

Tailored Progressive Lenses We can provide specialised progressive (or multifocal) lenses that are tailored to not only how you use them, but are individually created to take into account exactly how your frame fits your face, and even which of your eyes is dominant.

This minimises distortion and maximises the clear zones within the lens.

Myopia Control

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Myopia (also called short-sightedness) is a condition that normally starts in childhood, causing distance objects to gradualy become more blurred. It is caused by the eye continuing to grow, instead of ceasing growth around 3 years of age.

Increasing myopia is associated with a number of eye conditions later in life, so at Lakeview Eyecare we can provide detailed advice on how to slow down this progression.

Treatments that we can provide include specialised soft contact lenses, orthokeratology, pharmacological treatment (atropine eye drops) and specially designed spectacle lenses.

Vision Therapy

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Clear vision is not just about seeing clearly; it's about enhancing your quality of life. Whether you're a child struggling with reading, an athlete looking to improve performance, or someone dealing with the effects of a traumatic brain injury, our dedicated team is here to help you unlock your full visual potential. Vision therapy is a personalised, non-invasive approach to improving visual skills and enhancing overall eye health. It goes beyond simply prescribing glasses or contact lenses; it's a comprehensive program that targets the root causes of vision problems. By retraining the brain and strengthening the eye muscles, we can help you or your loved one overcome issues like eye tracking difficulties, poor focus, and eye teaming problems. Our experienced optometrists are passionate about making a difference in your life. We understand that every individual is unique, which is why we tailor our therapy programs to meet your specific needs and goals. Whether you're a child struggling in school, an adult experiencing eye strain at work, or someone seeking to recover lost visual abilities, we have the expertise and resources to help you succeed.

Don't let vision challenges limit your potential. Take the first step toward a brighter, clearer future, and experience the life-changing benefits of vision therapy. Your journey to improved vision starts here!