We don't assume that everyone has the same fashion sense, and we aren't interested in a one-size-fits-all philosophy.

McDonalds works on the philosophy of selling food that is inoffensive to everyone, but tasteless to those that care. We know there's some businesses out there that treat eyewear the same way, but that's not how we look at the world.

At Lakeview Eyecare, we try to provide something unique for everyone, so we stock a number of fashion brands to suit different tastes.

Coco Song
Individual, unique frames made with beautiful materials exhibiting oriental influences.

Dolce & Gabbana
Sensual & feminine, precious & refined high quality Italian designed.

Jono Hennessy
Premium Handmade Eyewear, designed by Jonathan Sceats Hennessy and made in Australia.

The iconic brand of eyewear and sunglasses. Available in-store now. Never Hide.

Vogue Eyewear
Stands out for its unique details and variety of colours, turning everyday glasses into a hot fashion accessory.

Combines accessible luxury, casual glamour and elegance in a 100% Australian-owned company.

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